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Hunger of the Undead

Respecting your wishes

My brother, you wish to die

In a bed surrounded by tubes

Immobility's cast its shadow

In your body numbness reigns

You've calculated your demise

Your future racked with pain

I'll take the life behind your eyes

There was a time when death was distant

And the fire of life burned bright

Now we realize life's no constant

No will to life, death's a right

Euthanasia, not murder

Act of mercy to escape

Society's form of torture

To let you live this way

Death is certain

Life is not

Your mind's in torment

Waiting to rot

The final curtain

Always draws it close

When death is certain

The end unfolds

From the neck down, you're senseless

From the neck up, you're alive

And the politics of humanity

Refuse to let you die

And all the while you plot your death

With me at your side

Your last wish, your brain to rest

Your bondage ropes untied

And the prayer for miracles is through

For there's no god to care

Do unto others as done to you

Without a doubt he isn't there

I won't make a mistake with faith

Christ's a waste of time

How can I put my trust in god

With innocent people dying?

Paralytic disease infests your brain

Debilitates your mind

A vegetable wasting, decaying

You're running out of time

All I know is what you said

Before the comas' grip

Don't want to live your life brain dead

To death you crave to slip

The needle's pulled from in your arm

The pulse of life has stopped

Your granted plea, a painless death

To arrive at the end you'd sought

The cryptic statement - bonded truth

Lie peaceful in your grave

Did we just give up on you?

I hope you have been saved...

Death is certain

Life is not

Your mind lies dormant

Proceeding to rot

The final curtain

Has drawn its close

When death is certain

The end unfolds!

Dark Angel

Hunger of the Undead / Dark Angel

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