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My Weapon

I dunno wot she got

I dunno wot she got

I dunno what she got but it seems to have a grip upon me

No telling where she learn the things she do to me

And I don't know what she done wrong but I want to hurt her

(wanna) take it out on her

Take it out on her

Take it out on her

With my weapon

She's so exacting that she tells me when I go wrong

She doesn't value the attention she receives

She says I'm taking all the time but I'm not returning

(that's right)

'Do this' but she won't do that

Lying beside me like a parcel of fat

Hot love - cold sweat - feel her beneath me wanna crush her to death

She tries to justify the people who despise me

She puts her finger on things she knows will hurt

And I can't defend myself till we turn the lights off then

I dunno wot she got - my weapon

My stinking weapon


My Weapon / XTC

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