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Dear John Letter

I'm sitting here

in my own head

thinking how

you can be staring in

got my number 2

and I'm writing you

contemplating on

the way we were with each of you

on the fire place

with the mailman

should I tellya

or should I hold it in

if my heart wasn't in it

baby, you can just forget it

I'd be gone in a New York minute

You never give me attention

I know you don't have bad attentions for us

so I'm writing you

but, I always fail to mention

cause you know I really don't like to fuss

so I'm gonna hold it in

I'm writing you a dear John letter

I tried to try to stay

but it never got better

I couldn't tell you face to face

but I, I have to let you know

sometimes I want to hit the door

I'm writing you dear John

sometimes I think

that I've had enough

my hand's freezing

and I can't write fast enough

I wanna get away

but I can't obey

when my heart speaks

you know I'm listening

somedays, I'm ready to jet and

somedays, I wouldn't forget and

somedays, I'm still in love with you

somedays, I'm sad and blue

Уитни Хьюстон

Dear John Letter / Уитни Хьюстон

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