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Вейрд Эл Янкович Вейрд Эл ЯнковичАмериканский певец, музыкант, актер, сатирик, пародист, поэт-песенник, аккордеонист и телевизионный продюсер

Take Me To The Liver

I'd like to do some more songs about buildings and food

This is a song about liver, very high in protein, very good for ya

Hope you like it

I don't know why

You feed me so bad

Think of all the health food

I could've had

You took-a my yogurt

And my whole wheat bread

You give me Ding Dongs

And Twinkies instead

I wanna know

Can you tell me

When is it going to end

Take me to the liver

Push it on my platter

Give me a piece of liver

Oh, drop it on my platter

Scarfin' it down

Scarfin' it down

Вейрд Эл Янкович

Take Me To The Liver / Вейрд Эл Янкович

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