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Вейрд Эл Янкович Вейрд Эл ЯнковичАмериканский певец, музыкант, актер, сатирик, пародист, поэт-песенник, аккордеонист и телевизионный продюсер

Bichney Spears

Oh boobies, boobies

Oh boobies, boobies

Oh boobie boobie, my chest was supposed to grow,

My cleavage wasn't right, yeah,

My boobies boobies,

My breasts are completely false,

and now my sweater's tight ya.

Surgery, I want to be a "D"

Bigger mem'ries, I want them to show now, no because,


My chest flatness was killing me, and I, I must confess,

I paid for these, paid for these.

I look 32, I'm just a child,

I am a crime, make my boobies one more size.

Oh boobies boobies, I got the boobies, you know

Now you've all been blinded,

Oh pretty boobies, you are so big, and ,oh, so new

that's just the wasy I planned it!

Golly, RollingStone was naughty, see me, baby, barely wearing clothes now, Because


Вейрд Эл Янкович

Bichney Spears / Вейрд Эл Янкович

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