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Love In The Danger Zone

Fear in the night

Broken dreams - wrapped in starlight

Our love is dead

I cannot feel my mind

I cannot feel who's wrong or right

It's you or me

The strategy we know oh so well

The battle field lies deep down in our hearts

It's cold as hell

No compromise

We burn the last bridges down

Do you feel allright

We're drowning in blood sweat and tears

When love turns to fear.

We gonna shoot it out

Between you and me

When hearts turn to stone !

Love's in the danger zone

Stiletto heels

Run for your life

Shoot me down in flames

Kill my alibis

When we're talking every word

Is an act of war

When I call out your name in the night

I hear the sound of the master's voice.


Love In The Danger Zone / Warlock

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