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Ive Been Delivered

I could break free from the

wood of a coffin

if I need

But nothin's hard as

Gettin' free from places

I've already been

I've been waste-deep

in the burnin' meadows

of my mind

In the engine

In cold December

shootin' fire from the hose

Now turn off your lights

'cause I'm not comin' home

'til I'm delivered for the first time

I was first-born to a parade

that follows in rows

down a narrow cold black river

faceless shadows

movin' slow

I would move swift when

the sounds of a trumpet would blow

I've been the puppet

I've been the strings

I know the vacant face it brings

Now the bells of curfew

They may ring before I'm through

But soon

I'll be delivered for the first time

You might keep clean

in the back of an angel motorcade

It doesn't matter who walks in

you know, the joke is still the same

You'll just wake up

like a disposable lover


I've been gone

I've been remembered

I've been alive

I've been a ghost

So now, if downtown explodes

I'll still be on this road

'til I'm delivered for the first time

I have drawn blood

from the neckline

when vampires were in fashion

You know I'd even learn

to cut my throat

If I thought I could fit in

'Cause I, I once heard

that you gotta learn

how to blend in to this mess

Where nothin's hard

nothin's precious

and nothin's smooth or flawless

Now, no more amused

just screaming to be delivered

for the first time



Ive Been Delivered / Wallflowers

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