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How Good It Can Get

Album: Red Letter Days

Slow down

Youre breaking up

Use your words

Dont yell so much

I dont understand a word

That youre saying

Now move in

Come up close

You look like

Youve maybe seen a ghost

Tell me

Has someone gotten to you baby

Now open your arms

Pick up your head

Open your eyes

So you can see

What happens next

You wont believe

Just how good it can get

Well make a lover

Out of you yet

The fog is so thick

I cant see my hands

It got much worse

Soon as I got in

And I know youre somewhere

Here in the water

Its ten feet deep

And the river wont stop

Ill tell you whats in it

When I make it across

You could make it too

If you let someone help you

But you gotta give in

And you gotta let go

Then you can begin

To come up slow

Like a desert rose


Take a deep breath

And hold it in tight

And put your face up

Right into the light

Cant you feel that full moon

Shining down on you

Help is coming

From the great unknown

Just maybe not

When you needed it most

Cause I can see you already

Know that youre leaving

But I wish youd stay

And just let me in

Cause everything can change

But you gotta be ready

Cause you wont know when



How Good It Can Get / Wallflowers

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