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Джон Уэйт Джон УэйтИсполнитель и вокалист музыкальных групп 'Babys' и 'Bad English'

Rock N Roll is

Three years come, I'm still alone and you're so lonely

I look in the mirror, I see those lines on my face

All of my dreams are gone, flyin' with the starlings

But they were not stolen gems, coloured glass I can't replace


You've got a restless heart, restless change is blowing through your life

Tears in your eyes, and tears in the books that I've been reading

I don't understand you now, and I never did

But I still love your restless heart

Days into nights and nights into days, lights flicker 'round me

And down to the shore I walk, I'm haunted by your face

Ungracious moves I've made, just like a broken dancer

If I could get you back, they are steps I would retrace

(chorus - with

Джон Уэйт

Rock N Roll is / Джон Уэйт

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