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 The Fall The Fallпанк-группа

Surmount All Obstacles

You must retreat into mysticism
To find an origination.
Locate the base enclave,
Surmount all obstacles.

Heinz is guilty,
He says look, I let the shot go by accident. I'm a black belt.
His face is full of ex ex ex ex-cruelty. guilt.
Blue-eyed. a caring sharing man.
Embarrass them into extinction.

Must he retreat into mysticism,
Or locate the base and climb?
Surmount all obstacles.

It must have taken [...]
Hours and hours, that
What an interesting article
Das judy und das judy
Are the cobwebs on your kitchen cuticles

Heinz is guilty
On the borders of your imagination.

The Fall

Surmount All Obstacles / The Fall

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