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Neighbourhood of Infinity

Man whose head:

A - knew about politburo facade behind 'kicker'

C - who stole cafe's collection box

B - who applied cut-up technique literally to himself

E - who wore a red scarf to remind him of his fiancee

G - and visitor esoteric japanese says analyser. mr alastair touched off the tragedy.

Taped voice, barely audible: 'you can tell by the way [...]

H - there's a claque that makes use of lancastrian patronisation of vice.
Their rep jim davidson.
The love of paris infects the civil service.
Lichen on the...n

I used to have this thing about link wray
I used to play him every saturday
God bless saturday
God bless saturday

We are the fall

The Fall

Neighbourhood of Infinity / The Fall

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