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 The Fall The Fallпанк-группа

Slates, Slags Etc.

Here's the definitive rant
Slates drive me bats
Therefore I say hey slates give us a break
Male slags, slags slates and tapes
Everything's strained by the states
They are the grey ones of our state I relate
Male slags....

And slates, break hard, break hardly
Break the slates for christ's sake
Male slags...
Male slags, knock over your drink
Pay for correct amount spilt
Male slags...
Remember slates are always outta date
In the fine light of day they have to face
Well I can't give a definition
The consequences of their plagiarisation
Male slags
With greedy bastard scrubbed hands
Kill jokes join gangs
Kill the safety in our lands
Male slags...
In the cold nearly old ska jamaican dawn
Dead publisher's sons
Material hardship pawns
The beat, wah! heat
Male slags...
(dog bites the dicks that feeds it)
Male slags...
Academic male slags
Ream off names of books and bands
Kill cultural interest in our land
Male slates
With creaky pants and scrubbed hands

Okay mates
Let's get onto the valley of weights
The valley of weights is the valley
Where they cast off the weights
And became trite, uptight
Deaf and bereft
A liberty mess
Female slates
Make pins of your whims
Break your balls , suck your thoughts
Rip off bands
With stuck up hair and new shitty pants
New beatniks with hoop shirts
Big priest - give us a break
Help me to fight the slates
Male slags....

How would you describe the slates?
Don't start improvising for god's sake
They are the grey ones of the state I relate
Everythings strained by the states
The valley of weights
Okay mates

The Fall

Slates, Slags Etc. / The Fall

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