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Huge tailspin??is the world gonna win?
Is the nation gonna open up and let us in?
Hard luck! your policies suck??
Your rhetoric will save your face, but not your skin

This time??it's hard to define
So watch the leaves turn brown for the last time
Too late! you've sealed our fate??
No returns, no emergency debate... but wait!

I hate unhappy endings??and there doesn't have to be one!

Tailspin??your hair's getting thin
Your rhetoric will save your face, but not your council estates

Gee??life is cheap!
The forests pine and the willows weep
Checkmate! you've sealed our fate??
The world is way past it's sell-by date

Tailspin??is the world gonna win?
Tailspin's on the outside looking in
Tailspin, I repent my sins
But when I get to heaven will you let me in?
Tailspin, save our kin, save our skin...

The message we are sending is a very real one
The world we are defending could be a very green one
We hate unhappy endings??and
There doesn't have to be one!

Divine Comedy

Tailspin / Divine Comedy

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