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So Far Away

Why do you stare me down?
Am I wrong, should I turn and kiss the ground?
And I never felt that way
I ain't the one and you know I ain't from such a place

And I didn't get those things
Things that you can't grow
You say that it's all my fault
And I don't need to know

Tell me something I don't know
And I'll find that I'm always looking 'round behind me
You say that it's all been said before
Now I find that there's something I don't know

And I hate your attitude
I ain't scared at all
Cuz it don't matter what you do
And I'll turn around to see the truth
You're tearing it down, ya you're bringing it down
And it's all on you
Am I wrong
I don't know
And I say that
If you break enough glass
And there's no one to hear in your heart full of hate
But your mind's full of fear, let it go

So far away (3x)

Goo Goo Dolls

So Far Away / Goo Goo Dolls

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