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Another Second Time Around

Happy, smilin', cryin' upwards to my past,
I guess those stormy gray skies simply couldn't last.
And now I find myself a-tugging at your dress.
The fun of holding you down, or seeing you frown is never gonna pass.

Somewhere there's a place a soul can never go,
Gray-like stormy skies I hoped you didn't know.
All our postcards full of things I won't forget.
And now it's coming down, that laughing clown is all I ever get.

Another second time around.
I've been runnin' from ya
Another second time around.
Another second, one more second time,
I waited for ya, another second time around.

Couldn't help myself,
I felt like everything was gonna pass.
It was an awkward time,
I hoped it wouldn't, hoped it couldn't last.

And I didn't know exactly what to say,
About the things you saw me do my evil way.
And I know you're lyin', cryin' in your bed.
Well I'm all tired out, so wired out, it's ringing in my head.

Goo Goo Dolls

Another Second Time Around / Goo Goo Dolls

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