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Frankenstein Has A Reason

Frankenstein wakes up and the morning is done
The freaks are rising and the norms are as one
You may laugh because I'm different
But I laugh because you're all the same
I'm coming up to get you
Its just a matter of time before...

We all have a reason to be
Full of potential are we
Destined to be this despondent
I scream but your not responding
My eyes are streaming
The sun is beaming
The freaks will rise this dawn

You think that frankenstein is dead
You think we are figments of our own imagination
You think we all follow your lead
If I throw a stick, will you go away?
You think we scream because we're mad
We're mad but only because you ignore our screams
Listen to the screams



Can you hear us screaming?
Do you hear the corpses rise?
Can you see the moon appearing?
We'll be here until sun rise
Can you hear our screams?
Do you hear the screams?
Are there any screams?


The freaks are rising

Skunk Anansie

Frankenstein Has A Reason / Skunk Anansie

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