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If Only

When I first tasted your love

I knew I'd never get enough

Cuz, I'm hooked

Hooked on you.

When you turn on your love light

You burn me, but it's all right

Cuz, I'm hooked

Hooked on you.


Hooked on it

The fire in your eyes

Hooked on it

I just can't disguise

How I feel, what can I do

Hooked on you.

You gave me just one look and babe

I swear that's all it took

And I was hooked

Hooked on you.

This heart is afflicted

Yeah, it's true.

I'm hooked on you.

Hooked on it - One touch of your hand

Hooked on it - I can't understand

You don't know, what you put me through


If Only / Triumph

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