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Under Wraps

Keep it quiet -- (Go slow.)

Circulate. Need to know.

Stamp the date upon your file --

masquerade, but well worth while.

Wrapped in the warmth of you --

wrapped up in your smile.

Wrapped in the folds of your attention.

Wear an air -- (keep mum)

of casual indifference.

Careful how you go

about your usual business.

Wrapped in daydreams of you --

wrapped up by your eyes.

Wrapped in the folds of your attention.

Under Wraps! I've got you under wraps.

Tell you when -- (not yet)

soon the great unveiling.

Bless my boots! Upon my soul!

Secrecy, it is my failing.

Wrapped in your summer night --

wrapped in your Autumn leaves.

Wrapped in the Winter of your sleeping

Jethro Tull

Under Wraps / Jethro Tull

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