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 Flaw Flawметалл-группа


Doesn't it make you nervous, at least you could have tried

And if it doesn't disturb us, couldn't we just sit by

And make a pact to ignore it, all of our secret needs

Becoming connected further, giving a life to feed on


You let them decide, the course of my life

And you just stood by, you threw me aside

Isn't it overwhelming, living a lie inside

Causing so many problems, hoping to just get by

When will it all be over, what would I have you say

But you won't have to trouble yourself for me that way


Didn't mean to complicate tomorrow

Didn't mean to make you feel that way

Didn't come to irritate your morals

But then you push me far away

Why did you push me far away

I just can't see why you neglected to try

To move on with our lives, when we shared the goodbye

You let them decide, the course of my life

We shared the goodbye, and you threw me aside

You'll never make that choice again, no not again

Will you affect my life again [repeat]


Decide / Flaw

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