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World's Divide

Lost in these times

Its hard to make up our minds

This is the reason

We're convicted for our crimes

So we wait

Scars on our face

They show the importance

Of finding a way to leave this place

But then we're left with

Nothing substantial to hold

And I'm afraid that

Our stories will never be told

Some people carry on

Some just stay right where they are

Our worlds divide the sight

I'd rather move along

Knowledge is not very far

Our worlds divide the sight

When innocence dies

It tends to shake up your life

Let it consume you

And then leave it all behind

I need escape

From the choices we made

And the feelings of longing

That are standing in our way

Don't give up on hope...


Don't give because its hope that binds us

Pain that guides us

Who do we trust when those things remind us

Its hope that guides us

Pain that binds us

Who do we trust when they're not behind us?


World's Divide / Flaw

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