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Turn The Tables

Full assistance to those who bear it all

Unable to fall, waiting patiently

Backs against the wall

Not allowing the weak to dictate, when it's our turn to recover


If your experiences don't compare, just turn the tables

And stop acting like you really care, if you're not stable

Full resistance to those who care at all

Dictating the call, it's consuming us

Backs against the wall

Convincing the meek to dictate all their actions on command

and eviction to those who swear it all

Fit to befall the false memory

Facts begin to stall

Permitting the bleak existance, this is our time to discover

[chorus x2]

There will come a time for us to change things

And I will never strike at you again

I will try to learn to make amends

You will never lesson who I am

Don't be sheltered show me where you've been

Show me where you've been

[chorus x2]

(just turn the tables) [repeat]

Becoming yourself now, achieving what you allow

Don't take it out on us all

Becoming yourself now, achieving what you allow


Turn The Tables / Flaw

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