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If You Were God

If you had the upper hand
No retribution,anything in command
Would you be the hand that feeds
Or ethnic cleanser, be the holy creed
Crimes of passion or crimes of hate
To whom do we owe this sadistic fate
Living in darkness at a beckon call
Would you pervert them or let them fall

There must be an answer
There must be a reason
The questions that we love to ask
Forgive and call it treason

If you were god – could you refuse
If you were god – would someone lose
If you were god – would they have to choose
If you were god – what would you do

In his likeness is what thay're taught
His blood is spilled in worlds apart
New disease, a new weapon found
Religious slaughter on sacred ground

God is good, and you know I believe
Why damn us all by mortal deeds
Power that hand that can turn it all around
Or let it remain the real battleground

One by one would you lead them down
Take away the life they found
Could you take them by the hand
Lead them all to the promised land

One by one are you on his side
Time will come when you decide
Blood is shed, the millions cry
Call it an angel on Judas' side?

Seven Witches

If You Were God / Seven Witches

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