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Cries Of The Living

Where have you left us
What are we to do
This place of such madness
If we only knew
How could you betray us
Lived your beckoning
Only to find we'd see the reckoning

It's the cries of the living
That awakens the dead
All the cries of the living
Now you're six feet from the edge

Sickness taking over
Seeds of doom are sewn
Slow death, starvation
We must feed on our own
Black skies in heaven
Horizons of blood red
Cries throughout the land
Awakens the dead

Living death walks among us
Becoming obsolete
Eliminating the righteous
The grand scheme to watch us die

Can you hear the cries
Cries of the living
Cries of the living
Awakens the dead

Seven Witches

Cries Of The Living / Seven Witches

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