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 Seven Witches Seven Witchesрок-группа

The Fires Below

A modern dream, world higher powers
To create hordes of demolition
Sinister minds working hours
Designing escapes aviation

So insanely
Making history
Revealed mystery

Countdown to chaos begins
Madness, the final sin

Leaving the mass devastation
Down in the fires below
Hearing the cries of the nations
Down in the fires below

Mission planned, oblivion unleashed
Frantic swarms devour each other
Frenzied, sucked into their blood feast
Left in hell they flee, we discover

Soaring vessels
Burning metal
Through atmospheres
On through light years

The hate portrayed
A mirror mirage
The world betrayer
Twisted collage
All along behind the closed doors
The awful truth was hiding

Seven Witches

The Fires Below / Seven Witches

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