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Seven Witches

Into darkened visions
My past still haunting me
The seven witches are calling
Why don't they set me free

The hour approaches midnight, heed
the call of darkness
Twisted trees cast shadows amidst the
tangled forest
One by one they approach their
daylight lives are now forgotten
No husbands have they at home, no children
Have they begotten

The circle is complete as the seventh witch appears
All of them sisters and all of them are without fear
The night surrounds them like a dirty black shroud
Listen closely to the wind hear them chanting loud

Worship and give praise to the night
Embrace the gift of second sight
All hold true to the sign
Darkened glory divine

I have watched them from afar
I know the wicked games they play
Fear sends chills up and down my spine
Still I cannot break away
I freeze in shock I've been discovered
I lose my breath as if I'm smothered
They descend now cold as ice
I become their sacrifice
Seven witches of the night
Seven witches curse the light
Seven witches hold the key
Seven witches set me free

Seven Witches

Seven Witches / Seven Witches

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