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Dying Embers

Awaken the beast born of sin now it rages
The curse that we bring has been dormant for ages
Ripping and tearing the flesh from its victims
Begging and pleading for God to forgive them
Immortal it crushes and pounds all its rivals
Nothing else matters except for survival
Crashing and trashing the earth with a swiftness
Drop to your knees now and ask for forgiveness

Fire in the sky now you're dying embers
No one will survive this night
Now realize that your dying embers
Earth purified by fire

Prophecy that was foretold now beginning
Punishing mankind for all of its sinning
Seven headed serpent of hell now is rising
Seeking out victims of hate from their hiding
Will no one be spared of death that awaits man
Where is the savior who's sworn to protect them
Only the true martyrs of God will be saved
Remember the promise of peace he once gave

Hell on Earth today
See the rising torches turn
To dying embers see the rising torches

Much too late to pray
See the rising torches turn to
Dying embers see the rising torches


Seven Witches

Dying Embers / Seven Witches

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