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Whore Of Heaven

Beyond the sweat and the groaning
The stained sheets and the moaning
She is rising as a phoenix
On a psychedlic helix
She has come a queen of harlots
She has come the whore of Heaven
She has come an evil genius
She has come to destroy us

Yeah, yeah she's the one
The whore of Heaven

With lips of red and eyes of anger
With griding hips she shall conquer
With her lust and with her fire
She shall drown you in desire
She shall take and break your heart
She shall tear the world apart
She hall steal and she shall plunder
She has come to drag you under

From the gutter she is rising
Full of hate and despising
With the face of an angel
To tempt and drag you into danger
A juggernaught of disease
She will bring you to your knees
She has come a queen of harlots
She has come the Whore of Heaven

Inkubus Sukkubus

Whore Of Heaven / Inkubus Sukkubus

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