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Heart Of Lilith

She has come from the shadows of the dream world
A dark angel from the darker side of love
Across the Sea of tears
A hundred thousand years

Come with her, and dance in the moonlight
And you are lost to this world evermore
Put your hand in her hand

Come and fly now with the angels
Rise again now like the phoenix
You're the love that lives forever
In the heart that never dies
Heart of Lilith

Come and drown in the lake of her passion
Come and die so you can be reborn
Hear the sirens sing
Hear the death knell ring

She the witch, the siren, and the vampire
She has come from the distant stars
To take your heart
To break your heart

Come and kiss, kiss the lips of Lili
Come and kiss, and you will be reborn
Feel the fire
Of desire

Inkubus Sukkubus

Heart Of Lilith / Inkubus Sukkubus

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