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Burning Times

Forget not the days of old
And recall the stories told
Of the burnings and the screams
Do they ever haunt your dreams?

There was a time when freedom died
It was an age of genocide
The Inquisition at the door
The Church of Rome in a holy war
They broke freedom on the wheel
In the madness of their zeal
In the shadow of their wake
The innocent were burning at the stake

Children resist a retrun to the burning times
People be wise to the power of their lies
Be not fooled, as those who were fooled before
Children, oh children, be free, be wild!

They came to bring the 'good news'
To burn Witches, Pagans, Jews
They said they were the Shepherd's Sheep
They whipped old women through the street

Then the turning of the tide
From the truth they could not hide
Now the darkest age is past
The Goddess has returned at last!

Inkubus Sukkubus

Burning Times / Inkubus Sukkubus

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