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Upside Down

God I love to turn my little blue world upside down

God I love to turn my little blue world upside down

Inside my head the noise chatter chatter chatter chatter

You see i'm afraid i'll always be still comin out of my mother

Upside down

... but my heart it says you've been shatter shatter shatter shattered

and I know you're still a boy

still comin' out of your mother

but when you gonna stand on your own

I say the world is sick

you say tell me what that makes us darlin'

you see you always find my faults

faster than you find your own

you say the world is getting rid of her demons

I say baby what have you been smokin'

well I dreamed I dreamed I dreamed

I loved a black boy my daddy would scream

oh yeah don't you love to turn this little blue girl upside

any kinda touch I think is better than none

even upside down

but you see I'm tangled up

got a kitten kitten kitten kitten in my air

Cincinnati I like the word

It's the only thing we can't seem to turn upside down

well I found the secret to life

I'm ok when every thing is not ok

Тори Эймос

Upside Down / Тори Эймос

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