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Тори Эймос Тори ЭймосАмериканская певица, пианистка, композитор и автор песен

Not The Red Baron

what language? - No, Dutch

Not the Red Baron

not Charlie Brown

think I got the message figured

another pilot down

And are their devils with helos

and beautiful capes

taking them into the flames

taking them to the flames

Not Judy G

Not Jean Jean Jean with a hallowed heart

I see that screen go down in the flames

with every step

with every beautiful heel pointed

oh, I said

not the Red Baron I'm sure

not Charlie's wonderful dog

not anyone I really know

juts another pilot down

Maybe I'll sing him a last little sound

maybe there

know some girls with red ribbons

the prettiest red


Тори Эймос

Not The Red Baron / Тори Эймос

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