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Тори Эймос Тори ЭймосАмериканская певица, пианистка, композитор и автор песен

Beulah Land

Beulah Land

Got a wasted gun

Liberation man

Some you are


Got something in that saying

Beulah girl

You better hitch me up

Got some candy

And sweet saying

Give me religion

And a lobotomy

Beulah land

Beautiful home

Tell me when

I don't need you anymore

Said that somewhere

You're gonna get something

You're so

You're right in the middle

And then I'm you

Something is coming back again

I said


Maybe I don't wanna go

To where you're not


Beulah land

Gonna find me a warm

Place to bathe

This body on down

Got a rubber boat

And a crocodile

Gonna float on past your home

And say when

Just say when

Just say when

Тори Эймос

Beulah Land / Тори Эймос

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