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Blacker Than Darkness

Out in the black night
In the cold Northern breeze
Under the red skies
Surrounded by blasphemous winds
Midnight passing and the moon is fulfilled
Slowly blackening the sky
I summon up where the ravens fly high
Towards the moons of Blashyrkh
Death rides on black wings
Evil enter the sly
Angels falls from the heavens
While tile darkness shines through
Chariots of the darkest masters arrives on devil wings
Heavens angels surrounded by frost
Forces into the holocaust frozen clouds
A twisted wind rapes the clouds
Memories of cold days and lightning returns
A foggy fullmoon night
Into darkness ride
Under the horned goatmoon
As dark as black rivers at wintertime
Horned Decernbermoon come to me
I ride the wings of Torment
Blacker than darkness


Blacker Than Darkness / Immortal

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