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Get Where I Beong (Live)

help me to repay
the things i have done wrong
help me find a way
to get where i belong

all you can say
when you're feelin' this way
is that somebody needs you
and wants you to stay
and all you can do
when your something is threw
is take all your time
don't let it get to you-ooh...
ooh hoo...


there is too many people
in this-a whole emptiness
trying to find
a little happiness-a-hoo...

too many people
were just hidin' their face
and i'm-a hidin' my face
in this lonely lonely place


if you need any help baby
to maybe open your mind
just give me a call
and i'll be right there on time
just give me a reason
to stand in your light
and i will stand in your light
till the night is right

(chorus 2x)

wanna get where i belong (2x)



Get Where I Beong (Live) / Free

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