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I'm A Wicked One

They say it's off the record, got to keep it clean
Can't be too abusive, be too obscene
But he's got a plan to build a future
He's been putting it off for way too long
Another safety pin put though his cheek
And he's three chords short of a punk rock song

Wicked is as wicked does
He'll fight it 'till the end
He'll show his finger then say: I'm a wicked one (X3)

He's a sterotype bastard and he likes it that way
Can't be all that happy, can't be all that gay


They say get off the stage, they say get outta here
Can't be all that punk rock, can't be all that queer
He'll make them wish they never knew him
He'll make them pay for being wrong
But he doesn't really know how to do that
So we'll give him three chords to his punk rock song



I'm A Wicked One / Hives

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