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 Stray Cats Stray Catsгруппа, играющая в стиле рокабилли

Stray Cat Strut

Chorus x4:

Don't trust anyone

Ain't no one we can trust

Verse 1:

I wanna take it from starts and scrapes

By high bars and gates

This stars atapes

Hungry niggas that's thug relate

Money getters sniffin yards of yay

Honey hitters gettin charged all day

R.I.P. to B.I.G. and Marvin Gaye

Cause life's beyond critical

So I can't be seen wich means I'm non visible

Son your aim with a firearm's pityfull

You hit the wrong man and left his mobs miserable

Criminals usin this moment to show

What we distributin is potent

My ludacriss slogans be havin shorties brutally copin

I keep my pay collected and stay connected

To get niggas to play my record

And my name respected is the main objective

I'm leavin foes crushed with no points

On a dole night

I'm so nice

Niggas that play heroes I give 'em cold cuts

Adolescents packin Wessuns

With solid crack professions

He die from the mack's agression

Instead a black depression

Chorus x4

Verse 2:

Well if you thinkin what I said was soft

Watch the lead bust off

And have you runnin like a chicken with his head cut off

You're number one opponent

Make sure them guns is loaded

Before you find your sons extorted and unsupported

If I'm not firin, I'm gettin higher yeah

Motherfuckers is better off retirin

And playin violins on isle-lands

You're admirin my style cause it's quite vicious

Smack bitches like niggas smack niggas like bitches

Doin time for crime and facin

Now your mind is wasted

For tryin to shine with diamond bracelets

Mad flavour, the bag lacer

Take a pull of this

Shit have you feelin like a dragracer

Notice me, you ain't supposed to be attackin

On global and locally I master it

Lyrics is vocally immaculate

niggas is totally inaccurate

Packin iron for wreck

A lot of these niggas is dyin vervexed

But son, imagine havin lions for pets

Smokin cess

Fuckin any bitch you try to sex

I'm thinkin long term, more than just byin a Lex

I want the livest connect

With each man in my fam high as the next

Chorus 8x

Business is business

And even your peoples are playin for pape-papes

So many snakes, punk bitches and fakes, snitches and jakes

Stray Cats

Stray Cat Strut / Stray Cats

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