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 Front Line Assembly Front Line Assemblyрок-группа

Machine Slave

Pretty faces all lined up

Strutting all their corporate stuff

Like taken puppets they dance around

Devouring this valuable sound

Star eyed people wait for a turn

Only to see it's just a burn

[PreChorus Part 1]

Spike the bass {x2}

In your face

Smell the dust {x2}

Grind the rust

[PreChorus Part 2]

Mega dope

Mega beat


Mega dope

Mega beat

Mega fake

Mega cheap

Mega slave

Mega brave

Mega fine

Mega slime

Winding down that tarnished road

Truthful stories never told

The price they pay

The seconds of fame

This game we play

The ultimate way

[PreChorus Part 1]

[PreChorus Part 2]


Broken promises

Fashionable hope

This big illusion

One big joke

Plastic people living the dream

Sell their soul to make the scene

Front Line Assembly

Machine Slave / Front Line Assembly

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