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With Your Cries

Is This The Kind Of Work You'd Like To Do?

Tonight I meet my friends

Together we celebrate...

The Body Mutilated

Another Mutilated Body

We Have Agreed To Try Hypnosis

Have You Gone Completly Mad?

I wake up freezing bleeding in the basement

O my head, I don't remember anything

I guess the night was exciting

Listen Carefully!

When I'm clear I happen to regret

All the losses I will never retrieve

Hey you, hey me, carcass in the mirror

As hard as a rock and selfish to the core

Water, Water Everywhere

I've been waiting for the good times

I Nostri Sogni Sono Sempre Presenti

All The Bodies Mutilated In The Same

Obscene Manner

Front 242

With Your Cries / Front 242

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