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Reach For The Sky

You can run but you can't hide
It's just another day in the rat race
It seems like you're fallin' behind
So tell me whatcha gonna do

So you're feelin' down and out
And it seems like you got no future
Never knowin' what you will find
So tell me whatcha gonna do

Just reach for the sky
There's nothin' that you can't do
Just open your eyes
The lights will shine on you

You'll reach for the sky
How far do ya have to climb
To stand on top of the mountain
When it seems all ya do is slide
Now tell me what this means to you
(Oh what this means to you baby)

Maybe we can run away
And hide behind our tears
Paradise is on its way
Just open your mind up
I'll rid you of all your fears


Reach For The Sky / Slaughter

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