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Call it liberation, or frustration,
As it hits like a bomb,
Tearing you apart since your first day of life.
Entering the zone.
Watch how it runs, a nervewrecking resistance.
Watch how it burns, a venemous script's getting formed.
You've travelled a long way to get here,
And now it's waking you up.

Walk straight for a final solution.
Walk straight, don't you be so cold.
Walk straight with a clear resolution.
I'll state my case and make it turn.

Watch how it burns, watch how it burns,
and it's all a deception.
Break it and learn, there's no return,
For a presence like mine.
You've travelled a long way to get here,
It's getting all so clear, now all the things I know.
An elapse of conscious progress will last forevermore.

My courageous insanity follows,
An infinite time.
I'll be atatching the world on my shoulders,
Without a look inside.


Nerve / Soilwork

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