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Weapon Of Vanity

They play divine as immortal sons,
Pulling the trigger, and then they switch and run,
As long as you have nothing to add,
They run the show.
How? Can you get a single shot with a life like that?
So now.. will you ever conclude as it turns to lack?
Deceivement, believe it, can you feel it flow?

As a weapon of your vanity.
They crave for a soulaching desire.
(won't you play with me?)
As time's standing still they've praised a liar.

So now.. let me get a single minute of your precious time.
So how.. do you feel as the vanity is easy to find?
Deceivement, believe it, can you feel it grow?

I swear, you're nothing like me,
And it will never set you free.
You won't be able to be down there alone.
They fill you up till you're ripped and torn.
Your life is out there for disposal.
Knocked out, before you're ready to leave,
Cause I swear, you're nothing like me.
As I reckon your insanity.


Weapon Of Vanity / Soilwork

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