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Dimensions Unseen

Above and between despite what I've seen
In times before the gods
Beyond the dimensions far away from my imagination
I clear my mind and try to understand its might
Let my lifeless body dwell in a land
Unknown to many lost souls
Creators of this empty world
What did you really have in mind?
Creators of my empty life
What purpose was I meant to fulfill?
Dissolving into the unknown
Entering the dimensions unseen
Am I dead or alive
Or is it an illusion
Phantom shadows emerging from the silent fields
My veins are burning for the distant power
I feel grief and joy at the same time
Am I the only one?
Am I the chosen one?
Gaze into the crimson sky
And feel the presence of the great wisdom
I must learn how to master this force
So that I may wander in the long forgotten realm


Dimensions Unseen / Skyfire

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