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 Sick Of It All Sick Of It Allрок-группа

My Little World

Stand still - nobody move
Don't look around, you'll ruin the mood
Progress, a dirty word
Same old shit, safe and secure

(Shut out, shut down)
Shut out, shut down don't wanna hear it
(Shut out, shut down)
Please don't take it away

Stubborn, set in my ways
A limited life don't want to change
Slow down it's not time to go
Don't want to leave my little world

What makes us afraid of progress that is made
To really understand you've got to free your mind
Can't let us get stuck in a generic rut
With a narrow view you've got to free your mind
Consistency can be such a wonderful thing
As long as you are open and you free your mind

Sick Of It All

My Little World / Sick Of It All

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