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Will We Survive

There comes a time in our lives
to ask the question will we survive
reach for a future within our grasp tryin' not to lose hold of our past
all these decisions comin' on
got to keep perspective of what's right and what's wrong
bonds that were made, in the past
hope they survive, hope they will last
'cause it's your voices that make us strong
for that reason alone we must go on, we must go on

So when the time comes in our lives
to ask the question, will we survive
with all the shit that we've been through
there's only one answer that would be true
we found an outlet we can trust
without this release i know we would bust

Took alot of shit in our lives, made it thru time after time
i know we will survive
we, we will survive
we, we will survive

Sick Of It All

Will We Survive / Sick Of It All

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