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Act V: The Wraith At The Shore

Prudence: my heart is unyielding I am his but alone yet so full of longing awaits whilst he is gone
Scoria: hark, such a lovely thing. I can grant you etrnal beauty
Prudence: who's there? Who?
Scoria: join me
Prudence: where are you!?! Are you an angel of god? Show thyself!
Scoria: I can give you infinite wisdom and power you can not imagine
Prudence: what are you?
None godly creatures speaks thus!
Scoria: I can grant your every dream
Prudence: my dreams will follow my bethroned antracon
Scorian: Antracon!...is weak, mere mortal and this ocean parts you from you from him
I can grant you...eternity
Prudence: one dawn with my beloved Antracon is more precious than infinity without him. My soul is
Scoria: more is the pity for such a waste
Prudence: your words are wasted on me, wraith. My heart is full and unyielding!
Scoria: I shall claim your soul


Act V: The Wraith At The Shore / Silentium

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