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Act III: Antracone's Dream

Antracon: Prudence?...Blood! By god...Prudence!
Scoria: Well well...I can see your true nature is to be...somewhat hateful
Antracon: who are you, wraith... What have you done to her?
Scoria: don't worry, she's very much alive ashore...
Antracon: this must be a nightmare, god, wake me from this lie
Scoria: such a terrible guilt from something you will do most willingly. Yes, tis nothing but a
dream. Dream of what will become...This will all be true. This is the path to escape the pain and
Antracon: No never
Scoria: oh don't be frightened. Together we shall acomplsh much more powerful deeds than this. We
can wipe away all that is old and begin another creation. This will be your call to greatness.
Ameaning you have been desiring, my little chosen one
Antracon: this will never be...never...I love her. None can ensnare me to such bloodshed
Scoria: where pride lost is to be seeked, there love is to be soaked in blood
Antracon: prudence no...prudence
Scoria: I'll be watching you, chosen one
Hickson: sire...wake up...there is something on the deck...we need you there
Antracon: prudence?
Hickson: at home I think, sire c'mon sire, there has been thievery on board


Act III: Antracone's Dream / Silentium

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