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 Silentium Silentiumготик-группа


"It's like throwing oil into my flaming soul,
waking up at nights, alone, with memories of you..."
Don't leave me here
Don't leave me now,
While I'm breaking down
Don't push me away
Don't turn away like there's nothing to say
I am burning
I know it hurt's too much
I am yearning
I 'm longing for your touch
Don't look away
My life would be done,
If you'd be gone
Just let me stay
Just let me hold you here,
It's so cold and I fear...
I 'm still burning
I hurt you so much
I 'm still yearning
I 'm still longing for your touch
Tear after tear
Tear me apart
Tear after tear
Ripped me apart


Apart / Silentium

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