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Sometime In The Morning

Sometime in the morning

A simple thought may occur to you,

And you hold her,

And tell her all the things you never told her.

Your love has shown me things

I never thought I could see;

I didn't know

It could be done so easily.

Now I know

You're where it is for me.

Sometime in the evening

You're sitting there by the fireside

And she'll touch you

And you'll realize how much you never knew before,

How much you couldn't see.

You didn't know

It could be done so easily

Now you know

She's all a girl could be.

Now in her childlike eyes

You see the beauty there

You know it was always there

And you need no longer wear a disguise.

Sometime in the morning

You'll just reach out and she will be there,

Close as the summer air.

Sometime in the morning she will be there.

The Monkees

Sometime In The Morning / The Monkees

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