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Come On In

Come on in,

You sure look good to me.

Come on in,

I've learned how lonely I can be.

I guess we'll never know just what went wrong

You know it's been a whole year has passed us by and gone.

But we're back together now where we belong

So, baby, come on in.

Come on in,

I heard your footstep on the stair.

Come on in,

I'd know it anywhere.

Your old chair in the corner is justa sitting there waiting.

It's been a long time anticipating.

What a long time it's been.

So, baby, come on in.

Over and over I've told myself

I said, "Son, you've got to lose these blues.

Get ready for the day when she'll walk in the door."

So I dusted off your housecoat and I polished up your shoes.

Come on in,

You know your welcome here.

Aw, Come on in,

It's been a long, long year.

Now I know why I waited around

I wouldn't run around town, let them put me down.

I knew that if I waited I would win.

So, baby, come on in.

Come on in,

Come on in,

Aw, come in.

The Monkees

Come On In / The Monkees

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