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Hot to Cold

I woke to the sound of a crash

Oh no, I know you're fighting next door

I thought I'd seen the last

I can't believe you still go back for more

What have you got in mind

Why do you waste your time

He gives you nothing at all

He's hurt you before

He'll hurt you again

Leave it all behind


Here I am

Wondering when you'll come into my life

There you are

With fire in your eyes

Here I am

You know that I'll do everything I can

There you are

Holding my heart in your hands

You know there's something wrong

And I know, I've seen it on your face

Soon as he finds you're gone

There'll be someone new taking your place

Haven't you had enough

Haven't you had it rough

To hold emotions for three

So take my advice

Head for the door

Leave it all behind

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]

Here I am

There you are

Here I am


Hot to Cold / Saga

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